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Do you have a screened porch or other outdoor area that doesn’t get as much use as you’d like? Now there’s an affordable solution for that: Introducing mySunroom’s innovative vinyl-glazed porch enclosure system by PGT® Eze-Breeze™. Using our unique product, you can convert your porch area into an outdoor living room, using it nearly year-round. Closed, these sturdy windows keep out the wind, rain and pollen, while you still enjoy a breezy porch during nicer weather with them open (and you keep the bugs out with the integrated screen). Available in four frame colors to complement almost any home exterior and four different 10-mil glazing choices, they’re the perfect do-it-yourself project. We’re able to provide the window units—available as vertical four-tracks, side sliders or fixed panels—in custom sizes. This means that they’ll fit your porch exactly, either in the existing wall openings or with minor adjustments to your porch framing. To round out your new enclosure is our Cabana door, featuring a handle and deadbolt and a window insert to match the rest of the room. By doing the project yourself, you’ll save money and reclaim that outdoor space. Call us today to learn more—our consultants will help you understand the product line, answer any questions and ensure that you get the right products. We look forward to hearing from you!